“Having been part of the original team that created the St. Philomena Mother-Daughter retreat over 10 years ago, I am grateful to the current team of women who continue this important and irreplaceable outreach in the Diocese of Phoenix. The St. John Paul II Resource Center encourages all mothers with young daughters to take advantage of this unique opportunity to share this special time away, learning together about God’s beautiful plan for marriage and sexuality within the context of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.”
Katrina J. Zeno, MTS
Coordinator, St. John Paul II Resource Center for the Diocese of Phoenix

“In a culture that has lost sight of the truth about the dignity of femininity and the value of chastity, modesty, and the authentic understanding of God’s plan for sexuality, the St. Philomena retreat is a breath of fresh air. It’s a blessing to have this meaningful opportunity for mothers and daughters to spend time together with other Catholic women and girls, learning about the Church’s beautiful, powerful, and liberating teaching about our genuine worth as daughters of God, and how we can overcome the unhealthy attitudes prevalent in society today. I appreciate how this program does not separate the moms from their daughters but instead invites them to journey together through the exciting but often intimidating years of adolescence.”

Becky Greene
Co-host of The Catholic Conversation with the Cradle and the Convert
Saturdays at 10 a.m. Relevant Radio AM 1310

“The St. Philomena retreat is exactly what families need today. This retreat provides both beautiful context and content for mothers and daughters, helping them to come to a deeper understanding of what healthy femininity looks like and how we can each express that as individual women. This retreat opens the heart up for ongoing conversation, providing a common language and experience for the mother-daughter relationship as it grows. I highly recommend this retreat.”

Mary Ruth Hackett, PhD.
Author, Speaker, and Host of Parenting Smarts Podcast.

“The St. Philomena Mother-Daughter retreat targets young girls who are at a particularly vulnerable age.  Their bodies are changing and they have many questions about themselves and their surroundings.  The predominant message directed to them from our secular culture is that their happiness lies in successfully competing with men on every front. Could there be a more important time for Catholic mothers to have some important conversations with their daughters?  This retreat gives mothers the language and environment to present their daughters with a Catholic vision of femininity, faith, virtue and authenticity.

For a number of years, I have gladly joined other priests in hearing the retreatants confessions.  Ministering to both the moms and their daughters in this way has deepened my appreciation of the impact of the SPM-D retreat.  If there is another ministry in our Church that accomplishes what this retreat does, I am not aware of it.  I strongly recommend it to all mothers who want to be the ones who will most deeply and effectively guide their daughters to become holy Catholic women.”

Fr Charlie Goraieb
Priest of the Diocese of Phoenix